Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

1. Reservation holder is responsible for payment in full of associated invoice / contract as laid out in Payment Terms.

2. For complete or partial cancellation of the invoice / contract thirty (30) days written notice is required. Reimbursement of fees associated with cancelled date will be issued.

3. In the case that reservation is made within 30 days of booking date, no refunds will be permitted.

4. Payment terms for bookings are as follows:

    • For 6 occurrences or less: FULL payment of invoiced amount is required by the date of the FIRST occurrence.
    • For 7-10 occurrences: 50% due at the time of making the reservation, 50% due by the date of FIRST occurrence.
    • For more than 10 occurrences: 20% due at the of making the reservation, 40% due by the date of FIRST occurrence, 40% due midway through reservation.